Revolutionary Stanford AI Class to Reach Students Speaking 170 Languages with dotSUB

Many colleges today put their lectures online for free, and allow people from all over the world to follow the courses, if somewhat passively watching the video lessons. Recently Stanford University decided to go one step further, by not only opening its course in Artificial Intelligence to everybody, but by enabling those enrolling in the online course to also participate in interactive exercises, and be graded, receiving a statement of accomplishment at the end.

Originally expecting a few thousand applications at most, the initial signup page at AI-Course received over 130.000 (!) applications instead, from every corner of the globe. Here is a video of Sebastian Thrun, one of the directors of the course together with Peter Norvig, explaining it:

The course is based on the interactive platform being developed by Know Labs, which partnered with dotSUB to coordinate the crowd of passionate followers of the AI Course, creating captions for the hearing impaired, and translating them into foreign language subtitles. “We have students in 190 countries so foreign language subtitles are extremely important. We are excited to work with dotSUB to make our videos accessible to all our students,” says David Stavens, CEO of Know Labs.

  • 130.000 students
  • 170 languages
  • 190 countries
  • AI, and Robots
  • Stanford

Does it  get any cooler, and more global than this?

If you are interested in attending the Stanford University AI Course, the official enrollment is still open. And if you want to volunteer for the translations of the course videos, let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!electro-buyseo оптимизация сайта своими рукамипрограмма для взлома паролей windows