Everybody can push videos and subtitles to YouTube

Starting today dotSUB allows all its users to send their subtitled dotSUB videos to their YouTube account.

Users can upload and caption their videos on dotSUB and push the video file and subtitles to YouTube. If your videos are already uploaded to YouTube, do not fear! Just upload the video file to dotSUB and we will help you match up your dotSUB subtitles to the existing video on YouTube.

dotSUB is the perfect captioning and subtitling tool to complement your YouTube account, and to increase your video views globally!раскрутка нового сайтабелые методы раскрутки сайтапрограммы для взлома сайтов

  • sebastianoam2009

    I get a Page Not Found message whenever I try to use this feature.

  • Vgabeloska

    Me too

  • Claude Almansi

    Same problem here, but it’s a great idea.

  • David Wolpe

    Hi guys,

    We’re trying to reproduce this but are finding that so far everything is working. Any additional info you may provide will help us track down the problem… perhaps an older video format? Or are thing now working for you?


  • David Wolpe, DotSUB

    Update: we’ve been able to reproduce the bug and are now working on it.  We’ll post here when we have a fix

  • David Wolpe, dotSUB

    Solved, guys! Let us know if there are any more issues, and thanks for your patience.

  • Ray Gman

    Is there any issue with subsequent pushes of the same video & subs to the same YouTube page in order to add newly completed translations to what’s already been sent to YouTube?  In other words, multiple uses of the feature for the same video to continually add subs as they are finished?

  • Daniel P

    Please speak with the staff of the TED site to use this system sicronia, put all the subtitles are in the videos on dotSUB in the lectures that are even videos on youtube. No video of a TED talk on youtube where billions of people watch online videos or search for, no ted on youtube have a caption. I think this system would be perfect to put them all on youtube also, because it is simpler than downloading each party dozens of languages ​​of each video and then upload thousands and thousands of subtitles one at a time. You dotSUB densenvolveram of a system that can solve this problem of TED on youtube and maybe they did not know that. Then talk to them about it, as you know is very important and also helps in the search because everything is on youtube in the subtitle turns keywords to find the video and how they are tens of thousands of subtitles imagine the potential for disclosure and how scope and the ideas will spread also in the largest online video world where billions of people search forever. Talk to the folks at TED about it please, this is an idea that deserves to be spread for them!


    we still do whatever to make it happen