Arab Awakening Documented on the Yallah Film Festival

The Yallah Film Festival is the first ever short film festival dedicated to the Arab Awakening.

We’ve been following very closely and with great emotion, enthusiasm, and passion the events that have been occurring since January 2011 in the Arab World.

These “Arab Spring Revolutions”, as coined by the press, have given way to the most extraordinary events of the 21st Century: tens of millions of people protesting for freedom and democracy, the overthrowing of some dictatorships by non violent protests and gatherings.

The goal of the festival is to give a chance to all the creators within the Arab geographical area to talk about their daily life through an original video creation, whether fiction, documentary or film shot with a mobile phone, with the goal of giving the viewers an impression of what their life looks like now.

The Yallah Film Festival gives a chance to all film makers to tell their stories of the Arab Awakening by sending their Dramas (3 minutes), Documentaries (3 minutes) and Mobile Films (1 minute).

All the films published online will be subtitled in English by a group of volunteer translators from Translators without Borders.

The Yallah Film Festival wants to highlight new talents from the Arab world and help them emerge. So take a chance and send your film! A selection Committee of the organizers will present a selection of 50 to 70 films on September 26th of 2011, and a prestigious Jury will then assign the Prizes.

The Prize Ceremony will occur at the prestigious Arab World Institute in Paris on October 19th of 2011, in front of 400 cinema enthusiasts and professionals.

The message of the Yallah Film Festival is a message of peace and positive aspirations. The spirit of the festival is to go beyond the overwhelming violent images that have been spread everywhere on the Internet and the TV News, and each film submitted will be moderated before publication, selected first of all on a quality basis.

The Yallah Film Festival, organized by MobilEvent with the support of dotSUB and other media partners, is not for profit. Visit the “How can I help ?” page to learn how you also can support it.

Who can participate ?

Participation in the Yallah Film Festival is open to every professional, semi-professional directors, video enthusiasts, just about anyone making films. If you want to take a stance or testify on the tremendous events that have been occurring in the Arab world since January 2011, just go ahead: we would love to see your film.

Here is one of the first entries in the festival:

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