dotSUB at Frontiers of Interaction 2011 in Florence

We will be at Frontiers of Interaction to talk about how, from crowd-based approaches to professionals, anybody can enrich their online video assets for better discovery, distribution, and monetization.

The form of online communication with the highest emotional bandwidth is undoubtedly that of video. Clips, talks, pranks, in all their variations online video grabs us, and we just love it. Every day there are 3 billion videos watched on YouTube. And we also make many videos, with 48 hours’ worth of new video segments uploaded on YouTube every minute.

These videos are often described by a short title and a very brief description alone, maybe with a handful of tags thrown in.

CISCO estimates that within a few years more than 70% of all internet bandwidth is going to be consumed by video.

But how can we find the right video we want to watch? If we only want to relax, and have a few minutes of mindless fun, then the social recommendations on Facebook are probably going to be plenty to find the latest viral video, and have a chuckle.

If, on the other hand, we want to watch longer videos, or, even more importantly, the relevant segments of a video, then we need a better solution.

dotSUB enables video discovery and distribution globally, helping to bring videos to their maximum potential!

Watch Luke Williams’ video from last year’s Frontiers of Interaction:

TED, Adobe, WETA, and many other brands chose dotSUB to make their videos SEO-enabled, and to have the possibility of monetizing them in a contextually relevant manner.

To end on a musical note, Watch Genki Sudo & World Order’s music video “Machine Civilization

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