Machine Aided Human Translation

I for one welcome our new computer overlords! All kidding aside, while machine translation has created some pretty amusing follies, research is now showing that using machine translation in conjunction with a human translator has plenty of benefits, including a quicker final result.

Recently dotSUB released machine aided translation using Google Translate, to all its users. This feature shows the translator a suggested machine translation for each line of the source language captions for the video on dotSUB. The suggestions are available if the translation is into one of the languages supported by Google. Currently this list includes 57 languages, and it is progressively growing. If you click on the corresponding button on the dotSUB translation interface, very rapidly the list of caption lines is going to be populated by two additional lines of text in the target language. The first one is Google’s suggestion, and the third is the translation that you must provide.

The quality of the suggestions varies greatly, depending on the target language, with the best results on some of the Neo-latin languages, and the worst on some of the Eastern languages. Certainly the feature is best used if you are fluent in the target language, and possibly an expert in the vertical domain covered by the video: in this case, even if you are relatively weaker in the source language, your results can be of a very good quality.pochtolomкак сделать оптимизацию сайтакак накрутить себе лайки в контакте

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  • Ogrebattle

    this feature seems to have disapeared, it’s a pity, it turned translation into reviewing, which for a real translator is such a time saving step!

    • Claraibarra

       Yeah it really bad…it was great to have it…it should be put back on.

  • Gunnar R Johansson

    I miss this feature!

  • Sarah

    Such a shame that this feature has disappeared! It helped non-translators translate better. However the use of professional

    translators is still the best way to make sure to get an accurate translation.
    as it has been demonstrated in the past how machine translation can mistranslate a lot 🙂

  • zainaab

    if I am translating a video from Arabic to English this feature is enabled but when I’m doing a different video from English to Arabic it seems to disappear