The Power of Multilingual Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Is a video worth a million words? It could be, but only if the message of your video can be understood!

Three quarters of the traffic of the Top 10 US websites comes from outside the US. The global reach of the Internet enables you to potentially get in touch with billions of people, but, it turns out, most of them do not speak English.

In the world of ideas the real competition is for the attention, and mindshare of those who have been reached by your message.

dotSUB enables you to quickly, and easily make sure that you video can be understood, and enjoyed by anybody, anywhere on the planet!

The intuitive web based interface can be mastered very quickly. It probably doesn’t even need to be learned, it is so intuitive. But if you feel that you need some guidance, here is a two minute tutorial, subtitled in dozens of languages of course, using dotSUB.dobavit.comцены на оптимизацию сайтовпрограмма для взлома вай фай на айфон