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Come to see us at Social Media Week in New York!

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Tower of Babel v2.0 – How to Reach Global Audiences with Multi-Lingual Video

This panel will address some of the newest options for video captioning and translation services and issues of communications quality vs. speed vs. cost. What quality is “good enough” for social networks, education, corps., activists, politics, diplomacy? The qualities and risks of computerized “machined” audio to text captions and translations will be examined, as will crowd-sourced captioning and translation models; who is the crowd—general public, fans, employees, paid professionals—and how can translations enhance audience engagement? Distribution of multi-lingual video across all platforms, increasingly mobile, is a critical factor in reaching bigger audiences as is measuring ROI/SROI to make it worthwhile.

Michael Smolens, Founder/Chair/CEO, dotSUB
G. Gooder, VP, Strategic Accounts, Brightcove
Klaus Steeg, Managing Director, OSHO International

Hosted at the People & Society Hub at The Paley Center of Media on Friday, Feb 11 2011, from 12 PM to 2 PM

New to Social Media Week? Social Media Week (SMW) is a global platform that connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media.

Delivered primarily through a network of internationally hosted biannual conferences and online through social and mobile media, Social Media Week brings hundreds of thousands of people together every year through learning experiences that aim to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.

Check out all the other cool events organized from Feb 7 to Feb 11 at Social Media Week New York.заказать текстопределить позицию в яндексскачать видео с вконтакте онлайн

Two things you did not know about embedding dotSUB videos

We’ve all learned already that we can embed videos in our web pages, and take advantage of the great experience this gives to the readers of our blogs, or the visitors of our websites. But not all video players are the same, and there are many ways in which the dotSUB player can make the video experience even more useful. Here are two that maybe you did not know about:

Subtitles adapt to browser language on dotSUB

1. Embeds auto select the language your browser

If you embed a video on your blog or on a webpage, the player will automatically check the user’s browser language and display subtitles in that language if available.

dotSUB on iPad - video with subtitle

2. Embeds work without Flash, falling back to HTML5

When possible and needed, the embed will fall back to HTML5. This is important since important devices like the iPad and the iPhone do not support Adobe Flash, the original format of video playback, and we all hate web pages with gaping holes in them in place of playable videos. рекламные тексты на заказзаказать adwordsанонимайзер для вк с видео

The Power of Multilingual Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Is a video worth a million words? It could be, but only if the message of your video can be understood!

Three quarters of the traffic of the Top 10 US websites comes from outside the US. The global reach of the Internet enables you to potentially get in touch with billions of people, but, it turns out, most of them do not speak English.

In the world of ideas the real competition is for the attention, and mindshare of those who have been reached by your message.

dotSUB enables you to quickly, and easily make sure that you video can be understood, and enjoyed by anybody, anywhere on the planet!

The intuitive web based interface can be mastered very quickly. It probably doesn’t even need to be learned, it is so intuitive. But if you feel that you need some guidance, here is a two minute tutorial, subtitled in dozens of languages of course, using dotSUB.dobavit.comцены на оптимизацию сайтовпрограмма для взлома вай фай на айфон